Start an Email Referral Program with MailerLite

Use our referral program integration with MailerLite to setup your own custom referral and reward campaign.

Firewards And MailerLite Friend Referrals + MailerLite Referral Campaign

This guide shows you how to implement a referral program into your MailerLite newsletter.

MailerLite Email Referrals

After you created an account on Firewards, our "Setup Your Referral Campaign" guide will guide you through the process of integrating MailerLite. First, we ask to select your current newsletter provider. This is MailerLite in this case.

Firewards and MailerLite Friend Referral Integration

Connect MailerLite

In the next step you will have to provide your API Key. This is a password that MailerLite provides for third party integrations so that we can keep track of, credit referrals and synchronize your subscribers.

The way our integration works is we create custom fields within MailerLite and synchronize our referral data into these fields. One field for instance is the refer friends page for each of your subscribers.

The following screenshots will show you how to obtain this key.

Login to your MailerLite Account

Hover over your Name and navigate to Integrations

Firewards and MailerLite Friend Referrals - Navigate To Integrations

Click Use under Developer API

Firewards and MailerLite Use Developer API

Copy API Key

Firewards and MailerLite Friend Referral Copy API Key

Go back to Firewards and insert the key

Firewards and MailerLite Friend Referral Paste API Key

MailerLite Account Connected - Whats next?

After you successfully connected your MailerLite account you are able to actually setup your referral program.

Select the MailerLite Group you would like to use for your referral campaign

Activating your list kicks off an essential process for Firewards: we are synchronizing your subscribers with our system.

This step is necessary to provide your newsletter service with variables you can then use in your copy.
Depending on the size of your list, this process can take from a few minutes up to several hours. So please be a little bit patient with us.

You will receive an email notification once your referral program is ready to use.

Firewards and MailerLite Select List to Synchronize

Create Your First Reward

Here you can define your first reward. Rewards are physical or digital items you give your subscribers as a benefit for referring your friends.

Need some referral reward ideas? Check out our blog containing some ideas.

Firewards and MailerLite Create Your First Reward

Your referral program is ready

Firewards and MailerLite Referral Program Setup Successful

Now that you successfully connected your provider and selected the list you are going to use, Firewards is ready for your referral campaigns!

Firewards and MailerLite Referral Program Variables for Email Design

Paste the code into your MailerLite email

Copy and paste the example into your next email campaign and activate the full potential of your new referral program. The copy consists of some essential variables that are going to be replaced by a unique referral link for each subscriber.

Firewards and MailerLite Edit Template

Send out your campaign -> Receive Referrals

Firewards and MailerLite Email Example

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