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Best Rewards For Your Loyalty Program

Reward Your Loyal Subscribers with These Gift Ideas in Exchange for Referrals

Building a loyalty program strategy with referral marketing is an effective way to support your top customers and subscribers. With digital products becoming a big hit such as guides, courses, downloads and Amazon, it’s never been easier to start a loyalty program for your business.

Here is a list of best online gift ideas you can use to reward your most valuable customers as part of your loyalty program strategy. These are simple rewards you can create and send from the comfort of your home that can help grow your business through referral and word of mouth marketing.

When Should I Send My Clients Or Subscribers A Gift?

You no longer need big budgets to send expensive gifts like gift baskets, nor do you need to wait for the holidays to let your customers know you appreciate them.

Online gifts at any time are perfect to let your top customers or subscribers know you appreciate them and are thinking of them. Do so when celebrating a business milestone you hit, such as reaching 1K, 10K or 100K on a social platform! Or even by rewarding your top clients for referring their friends to your business with an email referral tracking tool like Firewards.

5 Benefits of Giving Away Loyalty Gifts

  1. Builds brand loyalty
  2. Drives more friend referrals
  3. Increases lifetime value
  4. They become your cheerleaders, especially on social!
  5. They feel good receiving a gift & you feel good gifting

If you’re a content creator or virtual business, some online subscriber reward ideas are:

  • Create a free e-book or download with content that they can only get for referring x friends to your newsletter
  • A discount code to your course
  • A shoutout on your Social to their business
  • A discount to your online shop, or Etsy
  • Cameo answering one of their questions
  • An exclusive webinar

If you’re a tech business, you can offer clients these online gifts:

  • An Amazon gift card with a nice note (we all love amazon!)
  • Discounted membership to your services or X amount of time for free, such as virtual credits
  • A Social media shoutout to their business
  • Spotlighting them in your newsletter
  • An exclusive webinar with top clients & top leadership in your company

Inspired to build a loyalty program for your business with these gift reward ideas? Start with Firewards, the easy way to setup a subscriber reward campaign. Reward your top clients with customized gifts you decide on in exchange for referrals to your signup form.

What other online client gift ideas can you come up with for your business that others would love? What has worked? Send us your stories to to be featured in a future post: hi@firewards.com

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