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How To Setup An Email Subscriber Referral Program

Setup an Email Referral Program in 7 Steps

Getting referrals for your newsletter has never been easier.

Once you set up your Firewards subscriber referral program, you can expect to start seeing wildfire growth!

Reward Your Superfans for Email Referrals

Referral Marketing is a cost effective way to acquire new subscribers and new customers compared to other forms of marketing. Subscriber referral programs are are a great way to reward your superfans, your current customers for referring new subscribers to you.

With Firewards, you can easily setup Reward Tiers and customize the rewards you want to reward your subscribers for their email referrals. Whether you are in e-commerce and want to reward them with a $5 product or a coupon, or whether you are a startup and want to reward them with swag or VIP benefits, Firewards makes it easy to integrate.

Follow these 7 Steps to Launch an Email Referral Program for Your newsletter

Step 1: Connect Your Provider to Start Your Email Referral Program

With just a few clicks you can connect your email provider to Firewards .

This seamless process will take you less than 2 minutes.

Step 2: Sync Your Mailing Lists to Track Referrals

Integrating your email list lets Firewards track who referrals came from. Which of your superfans referred your newsletter to their friends. By syncing, you can also decide which email lists you want to run referral marketing campaigns for.

Step 3: Setup Your Referral Rewards

In the meantime while the mailing list is syncing, setup your Tiers and referral rewards inside of Firewards. You have full control of which rewards you want to use to incentivize your subscribers with.

A rare bonus download? Free stickers or hats? a 1:1 10 minute Zoom call? We’ve seen that this reward system motivates email subscribers to want to share it with their friends and peers.


Step 4: Add Firewards Merge Tags To Your Email Copy

This step also takes a few minutes and if you need help with it, Firewards is available 7 days a week to help you setup your integration.

Step 5: Add Branding to your Customer’s Referral Page & Join Newsletter Page

You can customize the page your email subscribers will see their email subscriber referral tiers and rewards status in. Add your logo, colors and customize messaging.


Step 6: Next Step You Send An Email Newsletter, Firewards will begin working!

In this sit back and relax and start getting subscriber referrals!

Step 7: Reward Your Email Subscriber for their Referrals

You’ll receive an email notification once someone hits a tier so that you know it’s time to full-fill and reward your loyal subscriber. Login to your account and we’ve made it a great experience for you to easily track and manage your rewards, even if there are various team members working on this.

We’re excited to be a part of your newsletter growth journey and we hope this has been helpful to help you setup your email subscriber referral program. Once you get started send us a tweet, we’d love to join your email list!

Note: We currently support Mailchimp, ConvertKit, MailJet, SendGrid, EmailOctopus or MailerLite. More coming soon. If you are interested in creating a referral program with your email provider, get in touch with us !

Quick Recap on Building an Email Referral Program

  • Referral Marketing is a cost effective way to acquire new subscribers and new customers compared to other forms of marketing.
  • With the Firewards newsletter referral program, you can expect to start seeing wildfire growth.
  • Setup your email subscriber referral program in just 7 easy steps.

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